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Siegius Arena - Friv games

Date added: 12/09/2017

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Have you ever experienced the life of a warrior yet? Don’t hesitate anymore! Jump into Siegius Arena to defeat the evil forces and challenge all other players at Friv4.


Siegius Arena is an awesome and bloody action game which is not suitable for children to play at school friv 2018. Therefore, you also should consider carefully before playing because this game contains many bloody and scary images.


Here, you will have the chance to become a brave warrior who has the ability to defeat his enemies and protect our world. Keep your mind to attack continuously in the enemy until they fell to the floor. One more thing, enemies can appear in large numbers at the same time, so don’t forget to look around, earn a lot of money and avoid being killed in battle. It sounds very interesting, right?


Come to friv best Games to play online and download for free. If you want to experience more in this game genre, check at Friv free right now! Instructions: You can use arrow keys or WASD to control your character, Z or X to attack, C or V to use items, space to activate ultimate attack.

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