Lancia Hidden Keys – Where are the keys?

Lancia Hidden Keys – Where are the keys?

Date added: 02/12/2017

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Finding hidden keys around the screen? Well, it’s simple but not easy! Lancia Hidden Keys is available at Friv 4 to bring you interesting things. Try yourself with Lancia Hidden Keys!    


Are you observant? Lancia Hidden Keys is for you to test yourself. The game is set up with specified images of cars. The keys are hidden somewhere in images with blurry symbols. So, the goal for you today at friv Games free is to find all these keys. There are 15 keys in each car.


You should know that although you don’t know exactly where the keys are, don’t click at random. You will have to restart to find if you make 5 mistakes. In addition, the thing that is worth mentioning when playing this game at free friv is the limited time. It offers you 2 minutes to find all keys for each image.


But you can turn off the time if you can’t find enough keys in 2 minutes. There are 5 images in total for you to challenge. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and find out enough keys in time. Play the game and I bet that you will find it really entertaining. Enjoy your time! Love playing this genre? Let’s try the best-related games at game online friv such as Flight Simulator Online


How to play? Use your mouse to play this game.

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