Hyundai Differences - Find out the difference between the pictures

Hyundai Differences - Find out the difference between the pictures

Date added: 16/12/2017

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Do you want to be Sherlock Holmes - a famous detective? Hyundai Differences will help you to make this dream come true at friv the game. Play Hyundai Differences or regret??? How many errors can you find out in Hyundai Differences at friv online Games?


Jump into this attractive puzzle and assert your intelligence as Sherlock Holmes in life. On screen, 2 pictures will be displayed with 90% similarity in details. All you need to do is find out the different details of the two pictures. You will have a fixed time and your task is to find out the different points at this time.


Try your best to find out the different points before the time runs out at friv free Games online. In particular, in this game, you will have 5 wrong choices, so if you feel unsure about your choice, you can still try. However, you should take advantage of this assistance in difficult situations when you can not find the difference.

To win this game at friv for school, I recommend that you should pay close attention to the small details in the pictures because different points will be concentrated in small places. Warning! This game is quite hard so you should watch carefully to complete this task in the shortest time at friv4. Explore more with

Game controls:

Instructions: Use your left mouse to play this game.

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