3 Pandas - Friv 2018

3 Pandas - Friv 2018

Date added: 08/09/2017

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3 Pandas is a perfect combination of strategy and puzzle game in which you will have to help three pandas overcome all obstacles by solving some difficult puzzles. Are you ready to conquer this game? Check it out at Friv Games online!


These 3 Pandas have been all around the world. Just yesterday they were captured on a private island and were being transferred to a zoo in Brazil.


As the plane was flying low above the city these courageous Pandas broke free and they are now on their way to escape Brazil!


Get ready for a fun adventure full of puzzles and special tricks. Each panda has a special skill that you will need to use if you want to help them escape. Climb, jump, hang, and more to beat each puzzle so that these 3 cute pandas are not stuck inside of a zoo in Brazil at Friv.


These 3 pandas are good at solving puzzles and escaping capture but they need your help! There are 18 different scenes the Pandas must escape and they need your help solving puzzles.


This is a great game for kids of all ages. The Pandas are cute, the puzzles are tricky, and the adventure is full of fun twists and turns. 3 Pandas is a very popular online game series that has just made it to mobile! Download 3 Pandas in Brazil today and enjoy the fun! Don’t hesitate anymore! Jump into it at Friv free to play!

Game controls:


Use your mouse to control three pandas in the game.

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